Foundation Funds


Over the past 26 years, the Edwardsville Community Foundation has been continually humbled by the incredible generosity of donors. The following is a snapshot of that generosity, and highlights the specific Funds that were created over the years. It is nearly impossible to measure the impact one gift can have. Participation is easy, and such gifts can be provided in a variety of ways to reach charitable goals.


•  Edwardsville Art Center Fund

Glik Park Development Fund

• Visitors Experience Alliance

• TheCENTER  Ice Rink/Teen Center

• City of Edwardsville Community Enhancement Fund

Gardens at SIUE Fund

​• Edwardsville CEO Program Fund

​• Edwardsville Township Community Park Fund

​• Jack Pfund Habitat for Humanity Construction Fund


• Bardon Family Fund

• Jessica Bathon Memorial Fund

• Gordon and Holly Broom Charitable Fund

Global Brew Community Development Fund

• Gugger Family Fund

•  JMW Family Charitable Fund

• Schuetzenhofer/Bardelmeier Memorial Fund

• Shashek Family Fund

• Stevens Family Fund

• Schwartz/Westerhold Family Fund

• Rotary Club of Edwardsville

• David and Kay Werner Fund

• Richard & Tracy Wetzel Charitable Fund

• Schoenecker Family Fund


• Albert Cassens Fund

• Helen S. Delicate Memorial Fund


• Leila Leitner Anderson Memorial Fund

•  L.J. and Faye E. Burrus Family Scholarship Fund

• Busey Bank Community Scholarship Fund

Karen Bardelmeier Albrecht Medical Technology Scholarship Fund

Mildred A. Carr EHS Scholarship Fund

Christina M. Digby Memorial Scholarship For Students With Learning Challenges

• Nadine Penelton Bradshaw Scholarship Fund

• Judy DeSart Memorial Healthcare Scholarship

Dennis DeToye Scholarship Fund

Gordon Dodds Literary Scholarship

Early Explorations Early Childhood Scholarship in Honor of Jennie Fuller

The Gori Law Firm Scholarship 

Dirty Dozen EHS Class of 1953 Scholarship Fund

Friends of the Wildey Scholarship 

•. EHS Drama Scholarship

Loretta "Babs" Enloe Memorial Edwardsville CEO Program Scholarship

Garbs Gold Star Memorial Scholarship Fund

Sharon Petty Field Hockey Scholarship Fund

Marvin "Preach" Webb Scholarship Fund

Charles A. Wentz, Jr. Family Scholarship Fund

• Mark Speciale Family Vocational Scholarship Fund

Dave Rieger Golf Scholarship Fund

• Goshen Rotary Scholarship Fund

Leigh Sills Fund

Raymond & Lucia Weber Scholarship Fund

Harry K. and Carol A. Windland Building Trades Scholarship in Memory of Harry E. Windland


ECF Administrative Fund

ECF Community Impact Fund

ECF Relief Fund