Joe Glik Park


The City of Edwardsville owes a great debt of gratitude to the generosity displayed by Mr. Joe Glik throughout the years. Without his support and contributions, our community would not have the beautiful 40 acre, Joe Glik Park which we have today. Mr. Glik provided the initial funds needed to purchase the property that is now considered one of Edwardsville’s finest parks. He also initiated and funded a tree planting program intended to provide much needed aesthetics and shade for visitors to the park.

Joe Glik Park has served as a gathering place for weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers, anniversary parties, family reunions and countless picnics and playdates since it was first dedicated in 2000. Even though some park visitors may never have met Mr. Glik, his generosity has touched their lives as well.

Even in his final days, Mr. Glik continued to display the same generous spirit as he requested memorials to be made to the Joe Glik Park Fund. The City of Edwardsville will continue to honor Mr. Glik by enhancing and maintaining this beautiful park to the highest standards for the next generations to enjoy. To donate to the Joe Glik Park Fund, please click here.