2021 Scholarship Recipients


The Edwardsville Community Foundation is dedicated to offering many scholarship opportunities to students within the Edwardsville Community Unit School District 7. Each year the Edwardsville Community Foundation facilitates the selection and distribution of numerous scholarships on behalf of philanthropic individuals, families, businesses and organizations in our communities. Due to their generosity, so many of our local students are blessed with these scholarships and able to pursue their dreams.

We would like to thank the generous individuals, families, organizations and businesses that fund these scholarships annually.


The L.J. and Faye E. Burrus Family Scholarship

Makenzie Weisner

Charles A. Wentz, Jr. EHS Engineering

Abby LiuLandon Vuagniaux•​ Katelynn Roberts

Charles A. Wentz, Jr. Business and Science

Lydia Foster • Madison Hawley• Olivia Melosci • Noah J. Range • •Sondra Scoggin • Elliot VossElaine Wei

Wilbur H. Smith Bohm EHS Educational Scholarship

Emma Herman

Busey Bank Community Scholarships (Madison/St. Clair Counties)

• Jacob Buettner• Bailey Isom •Kaylee Melton • Noah Range

Dirty Dozen Edwardsville High School Class of 1953 College Scholarship

Emma Herman • Holly Williams

ECF Fine Arts

Celeste Arnett Emma Krumm

Charles A. Wentz, Jr. Family Scholarships

• Frederick & Sophia Blume Bohm EHS Educational Scholarship: Ethan Anderson

• Christian P. & Frances Kaiser Smith EHS: Emma Malawy

• William H. & Emma Smith Bohm EHS: Andrew Smith

• Emma D. Maria Bohm EHS: Holly Williams

• Heinrich A. & Margaretha Roeth Wentz EHS: Canon Adams

• John P. & Louisa Tschannen Sehnert EHS: Seth Blakemore

• Conrad A. & Louis Sehnert Wentz: Conner Surtin

• Charles A. & Frances Bohm Wentz EHS: Andrew Behrendt Wiley

Charles A. Wentz, Jr. Church Scholarships

• Mt. Joy Missionary Baptist Church: Olivia Gray

St. John's Methodist Church: Morgan Marshal

• General Church Award: Sasha Daughrity

New Bethel United Methodist Church: Lydia Foster

Charles A. Wentz, Jr. EHS Student Athlete

Ryan Hampton • Morgan Tulacro

Mildred A. Carr Scholarship

Holly Williams

Gordon Dodds Literary Award

Jordyn Ginestra

Goshen Rotary Scholarship Award

Abby Liu

Ryan Garbs Gold Star Memorial Scholarship

Madelyn Grotefendt

Dennis DeToye Visual Art Scholarship

Emma Krumm

Sharon Petty Field Hockey Scholarship

Rachel Goebel • Lillian Hedringhaus • Gabrielle Trauernicht Audrey Stone

EHS Drama Club Scholarship

Celeste Arnett

Roa Educational Scholarship

Preston Weaver

Leigh Sills Scholarship

Canon Adams Brandon Battle •. Sasha Daughrity • Rachel Goebel

Speciale Family Vocational Scholarship

Broc Bowles

Marvin "Preach" Webb Scholarship

Eli Kaase