2023 Scholarship Winners

The Edwardsville Community Foundation is proud to announce its 2023 scholarships, which include 51  individual scholarships for District 7 high school seniors to continue their education. The total amount awarded this year is $109,400. 

Each year, ECF manages the selection and distribution of numerous scholarship funds on behalf of generous donors whose charitable gifts make these awards possible. ECF thanks individual donors, businesses, and organizations for their generous contributions. 

Charles A. Wentz, Jr. Family Scholarships:

Cole Simpson Frederick & Sophia Blume Bohm EHS Educational Scholarship

Madison Deck Christian P. & Frances Kaiser Smith EHS Educational Scholarship

Grace Ramsey William H. & Emma Smith Bohm EHS Educational Scholarship 

Brianna Paul Emma D. Maria Bohm EHS Educational Scholarship

Alexis Trimm Heinrich A. & Margaretha Roeth Wentz EHS Educational Scholarship 

Anmar Bahrainwala John P. & Louisa Tschannen Sehnert EHS Educational Scholarship 

Caspar Dowdy Conrad A. & Louis Sehnert Wentz EHS Educational Scholarship

Eleanore Feldman Charles A. & Frances Bohm Wentz EHS Educational Scholarship

Reese Noll Wilbur H. Smith Bohm EHS Educational Scholarship


Charles A. Wentz, Jr. Church Scholarships:

Lillian Armstrong St. John's Methodist Church

Taylor Frick New Bethel United Methodist Church


Ella Cook, Samuel Wittek Charles A. Wentz, Jr. EHS Student Athlete Scholarship 


Thaddeus Wells Harry K. & Carol A. Windland Building Trades Scholarship in Memory of Harry E. Windland


Vyla Hupp Leila Leitner Anderson Memorial Scholarship

Emmy Larrew Karen Bardelmeier Albrecht Medical Technology Scholarship

Thaddeus Wells Nadine Penelton Bradshaw Scholarship

Reese Noll L.J. and Faye E. Burrus Family Scholarship

Margaret Klusas, Caroline Marcus, Sydney Sobczak, Elizabeth Stock Busey Bank Community Scholarships  (Madison/St. Clair Counties)


Simona Bodo Mildred A. Carr Scholarship

Ella Heddinghaus Judy DeSart Memorial Healthcare Scholarship

Madeline Burkart Dennis DeToye Visual Art Scholarship

Caspar Dowdy Gordon Dodds Literary Award

John LaBrie, Ella Koerkenmeier Dirty Dozen Edwardsville High School Class of 1953 College Scholarship

Taylor Frick, Summer Guebert ECF Fine Arts Scholarship

Taylor Heberer, Sophia Ivnik: Loretta "Babs" Enloe Memorial CEO Program Scholarship

Tanner Garner Ryan Garbs Gold Star Memorial Scholarship

Caroline Marcus Goshen Rotary Scholarship Award

Avary Osbourne Sharon Petty Field Hockey Scholarship

Natalie Becker Edwardsville High School Drama Club Scholarship 

Marlaina Graney, Brandon Reed: Dave Rieger Golf Scholarship

Axton Anom, Emmy Larrew, Izzy O’Day, Jonathan Stump: Leigh Sills Scholarship

Gavin Edwards Mark Speciale Family Vocational Scholarship

John Labrie Marvin “Preach” Webb Scholarship

Ella Koerkenmeier Raymond & Lucia Weber Scholarship

Selen Aktuna, Emmy Larrew, Isabelle O’Day: Charles A. Wentz, Jr. EHS Engineering 

Ella Koerkenmeier, Caroline Marcus, Jonathan Stump: Charles A. Wentz, Jr. Business and Science Scholarship