Board of Directors


Executive Director

Pam Farrar

"I love to support ECF because of the many opportunities it offers to assist our community! ECF provides a vehicle for philanthropy to have a positive impact on our local communities."

Board Chair

Matt Warren

Board Secretary

Laura Schoenecker

"As a board member, I am thankful to support and assist the good work done by charitable organizations in our community."

Grants Chair

Rich Walker

"Being part of the ECF Board means I get to be part of a group that teaches people how their donated dollars can best be put to work investing in their community."

Board Treasurer

Elizabeth Heil

"Being involved in ECF is about community engagement and connection for me."

Board Member

Paul Lauber

"I enjoy knowing and working with people in community who are willing to help others, each of us using our regular work skills in providing help to others."

Vice Chair

Caryn Mefford

"Working on the ECF Board with such an effective and thoughtful group of professionals is incredibly rewarding. It gives me the opportunity to blend passion and purpose in ways that directly impact our collective community."

Board Member

Walt Williams

“My favorite part of being a board member for ECF is helping donors like you support their favorite charities in smarter ways.”

Board Member

Kristen Pfund

Board Member

Steve Dawson

"To me, being a board member means working with a group of talented and motivated professionals to help improve the lives of people and support the mission of charities in the Edwardsville community, with an emphasis on the word “community.”

Scholarship Chair

Sue Webb

"I jumped at the opportunity to be part of the ECF board. Our community is vibrant and forward thinking; the ECF board is one of the centerpoints that supports many of the community-based efforts that makes the Edwardsville Glen Carbon area a unique and special place to live. "

Board Member

Phil Lading

"Serving as a Director on ECF’s Board provides the opportunity for team input on invaluable community improvements, projects and investments in the future generations."

Board Member

Mark Shashek

" I am glad to be able to help and to give back to those in our community. "