ECF 2022-2023 Scholarship Season Begins

October 25, 2022 Applications for scholarships at the Edwardsville Community Foundation are now available at the guidance offices of the four area high schools — Edwardsville High School, Metro East Lutheran High School, Maryville Christian School, and Father McGivney Catholic High School. Applications are due Jan. 31, 2023. Last year, the Edwardsville Community Foundation granted $116,600 in scholarships to assist 60 local students pursuing degrees at colleges, universities, community colleges and vocational and technical schools. Available scholarships include:

  • Busey Bank Community Scholarship
  • Judy DeSart Memorial Healthcare Scholarship
  • Charles A. Wentz Jr Church Scholarships
  • Karen Bardelmeier Albrecht Medical Technology Scholarship
  • Charles A. Wentz Jr. Business and Science Scholarships
  • L.J. and Faye E. Burrus Scholarship
  • Charles A. Wentz Jr. Engineering Scholarships
  • Leigh Sills Scholarship
  • Charles A. Wentz Jr. Family Scholarships
  • Leila Leitner Anderson Memorial Scholarship
  • Charles A. Wentz Jr. Student Athlete Scholarships
  • Loretta "Babs" Enloe Memorial Edw. CEO Scholarship
  • Dave Rieger Golf Scholarship
  • Mark Speciale Family Vocational Scholarship
  • Dennis DeToye Visual Arts Scholarship
  • Marvin “Preach” Webb Scholarship
  • Dirty Dozen EHS Class of 1953 Scholarships
  • Mildred A. Carr Scholarship
  • ECF Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Nadine Penelton Bradshaw Vocational Scholarship
  • Edwardsville High School Drama Club Scholarship
  • Raymond & Lucia Weber Scholarship
  • Gordon Dodds Literary Scholarship
  • Ryan Garbs Gold Star Memorial Scholarship
  • Goshen Rotary Scholarship
  • Sharon Petty Field Hockey Scholarship
  • Harry K. & Carol A. Windland Building Trades Scholarship, in memory of Harry E. Windland

To learn more about the criteria for each of these awards and who is eligible to apply, please visit our Scholarships page.