When you hoped for opportunities for individuals with special needs
We Led the Way!

Edwardsville High School tennis coach, Dave Lipe, and Kevin McGinnis, the father of a special needs teenager, wanted to give all kids with special needs the chance to learn tennis. They set up the Mitch & Friends Fund at Edwardsville Community Foundation.
Initially, the fund was formed to revolve around a night of tennis that is held during the men’s pro tournament in August and was to be a one-night clinic for kids with special needs.

The fund later evolved into an official non-profit whose aim is to provide free opportunities for kids with special needs to play tennis.

When Mitch’s grandfather, friend to Coach Lipe, passed away in 2013, many donated money to the fund in his memory, which helped propel the fund to become an actual non-profit organization. The ECF also helps facilitate donations to the organization, providing everyone an easy avenue to give any kind of donation they may wish.

These projects were made possible by the funds management and donation advantages provided by Edwardsville Community Foundation and our 501(c)(3) status. Anyone in our community who wants to start a community project or cause, can partner with Edwardsville Community Foundation, and instantly operate as a nonprofit!

When you support Edwardsville Community Foundation, you support our whole community and make it a great place to live, work and play.