​​​​2016 scholarship winners

The Edwardsville Community Foundation is dedicated to offering many scholarship opportunities to students within the Edwardsville Community Unit School District 7. Each year the Edwardsville Community Foundation facilitates the selection and distribution of numerous scholarships on behalf of philanthropic individuals, families, businesses and organizations in our communities. Due to their generosity, so many of our local students are blessed with these scholarships and able to pursue their dreams.

We would like to thank the generous individuals, families, organizations and businesses that fund these scholarships annually.

2016 scholarship recipients

ECF Fine Arts
Kathleen McFarland • Sarah Schumacher​

Dirty Dozen Edwardsville High School Class of 1953 College Scholarship
Cale Ambuehl • Michael Horton • Matthew Morse • Destin Woods

Charles A. Wentz, Jr. Engineering
Joseph Aydt • Jack Dorsey • Ashley Fillback • Henry Lu • Bethany Mase • Matthew Morse • Jeffrey Schulz

Charles A. Wentz, Jr. Business and Science
Alp Alkuna • Allison Blume • Caroline Caton • Cassidy Dietz • Kaitlyn Frick • Madeline George • Jane Lavelle • Jacob Paul • Aimee Savoie • Mara Swapp

Charles A. Wentz, Jr. Student Athlete
Cale Ambuehl • Caroline Caton

Wilbur H. Smith Bohm (Wentz) Scholarship
Michael Horton

Charles A. Wentz, Jr. Family Scholarships
• Frederick & Sophia Blume Bohm EHS Educational Scholarship: Kendyl Suess
• Christian P. & Frances Kaiser Smith EHS: Alexa Tepen

• Wilbur H. & Emma Smith Bohm EHS: Clayton Schneider
• Emma D. Maria Bohm EHS: Jana Shipley
• Heinrich A. & Margaretha Roeth Wentz EHS: Jessie Chappell
• John P. & Louisa Tschannen Sehnert EHS: Brittany Milton
• Conrad A. & Louis Sehnert Wentz: Allison Loehr​

• Charles A. & Frances Bohm Wentz EHS: Nickie Cashdollar​

Charles A. Wentz, Jr. Church Scholarships
• St. John’s Methodist: Thomas Hartnagel
• New Bethel: Jacob Paul​

• Immanuel United Methodist: Katlyn Akers​

Harris and Aurelia Berleman Baseball Scholarship

Cole Cimarolli

Mildred A. Carr Scholarship
Matthew Morse​

Bank of Edwardsville EHS Scholarship
Henry Lu​

Bank of Edwardsville Madison/St. Clair Counties Scholarships
Hanna Jo Liljegren​ • Brittany Pace​ • Bailee Warsing​

Dennis DeToye Visual Arts Scholarship
Danielle Villhard

Gordan A. Dodds Literary Scholarship
Sophia Evans​

Sharon Petty Field Hockey Scholarship
Ryley Miller • Claire Smith

Connor Cunningham Orchestra Scholarship
Sarah Schumacher​

Linda Bristol Private Lesson Scholarship
Anna Farrar • Sophie Schaefer

EHS Orchestra Summer Camp Scholarship
Molly Farrar

Goshen Rotary Scholarship Award

Jane Lavelle • Henry Lu

David Jeffrey Wolford Memorial Scholarship

Jane Lavelle